Mozilla is Recruiting Using Console.log()

Saw this on today: Well played Mozilla. Also, if you don’t know why you should be using Firefox, check out The Mozilla Foundation. Google is trying to turn you into a product they sell to pretty evil corporate/government interests. Mozilla is trying to make a free and open web. Just sayin..

Where Are The Commons?

I recently came across this article. The basic argument is that the tech industry, while increasingly using the terms like “commons” “town hall” and “community center”, is in practice creating more spaces cut off from the public for employee use only. The disappearing commons is not a problem caused by the tech industry. The tech … [Read more…]

Defcon 21 Badge Challenge Walkthrough Part 3

Floor Puzzles =================== Clock Face ————— The symbols are Rod Numerals ( ) turned sideways every other digit. When converted to letters reads: defcon, 21,¬†keyword, orrery which leads to: Skull Puzzle —————— The symbols on the skull puzzle are actually from another “Chain of Death” cipher from The Shadow You read it … [Read more…]

Defcon 21 Badge Challenge Walkthrough Part 2

Posters: ================= There are 7 posters with cipher text. 4 labeled with numbers that when converted from dec to ascii are labeled J, A, C, and K, and three with key holes. Numbered Posters ———————– – 74 “J” (Social Engineering Village): VEVMRUBLFDZMGGLYVORVEV LMVLUGSVQZXPHWLVHMGYVO (can be decoded with atbash) => EVENIFYOUWANTTOBELIEVE ONEOFTHEJACKSDOESNTBEL – 65 “A” (Wireless … [Read more…]

Yelp Locksmiths Greatest Hits

After a The Mayor of oakland appologized publicaly for promoting a lockpicking class in her newsletter, I would encourage everyone to remember one of the many legit uses of the skill…. What follows are yelp reviews of locksmiths 1. “These mother fuckers should burn in hell. Quit scamming people. You’d make more money actually being … [Read more…]

Hacker Movie List

What follows is a list of “hacker movies” in no particular order. — War Games (1983)   A young man finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III. — Hackers (1995)     A young boy is arrested by the US Secret … [Read more…]