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Reprogram Your Relationship To Content

Reprogram Your Relationship To Content

Like many people you may be aware of the terrifying concept of an omniscient Algorithm that controls what you see on the internet. And like many people you may think that you’ll never actually understand it, let alone defeat it. It’s too complex. It’s not. It’s actually incredibly simple and once you understand one basic […]

Communicating in E-Prime

The way we talk can have profound affects on the way we see the world and, in turn, the way the world sees and interacts with us. One of the easiest ways of eliminating poor, irrational, upsetting, and alienating communication (ie. to increase your general likability) is to stop stating opinions as facts. I recently […]

Small World Experiment

We know it today as “six degrees of separation”, but did you know that number is actually loosely based on the results of an actual experiment? In the 1960s Stanly Milgram (you know Stanly Milgram he’s the one that tricked subjects in to thinking they were torturing people for science) set out the answer the […]