Differential Backups in Windows with 7zip

So recently I wanted a way to backup a specific folder to a compressed archive. I also wanted to be able to continue to backup only the files that have been changed or added to that directory. Looks like the 7Zip Command Line Tool is just what I needed. Step 1: Create the archive. It’s … [Read more…]

Tweeting From The Shell The Easy Way

There are many reasons you might want to tweet from the shell. Mine is that I want to be able to send one-liners in to evernote directly from terminal. I looked it up and found that since Twitter has updated to using Oauth for their API this has become much more diffucult. But there is … [Read more…]

Bash Script to Generate Passwords

Hey just a quick tip.  I created a small script for generating passwords using http://makeagoodpassword.com/. The syntax is: getpass Gets a good password from makeagoodpassword.com getpass simple Gets a simple password from makeagoodpassword.com Here is the code: #/bin/bash if [ “$1” == “simple” ]; then wget -q -O – http://www.makeagoodpassword.com/password/simple/ else wget -q -O – … [Read more…]