What Is My Thought Like?

I recently acquired a book originally published in 1909, called “Games for The Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium.”


This book is filled with lots of interesting and engaging games I’ve never heard of. One of the favorite I’ve found so far is called: “What Is My Thought Like?”

You start with all players in a circle. One player thinks of a person, object, or abstraction without telling the other players what it is. This player then asks all the other players in turn, “What is my thought like?” Each player answers in anyway they would like, for example a player could say, “Your thought is like an umbrella.”

Once everyone has said what the thought is “like”, the first player reveals what the thought was and then asks each player, “Why is (the object thought of) like (that player’s answer). For example, is the thought was a pencil the first player might say, “Why is a pencil like an umbrella?” Each player must then come up with a reason or pay a forfeit. A player might say to “Why is a pencil like an umbrella?”, “Because it is oftenest black”.

If a player happens to guess the thought, the first player must pay a forfeit.

I imagine this would be a pretty fun drinking game is the forfeit is to take a drink.

This also makes me think of Alice In Wonderland and the riddle, “why is a raven like a writing desk?” Maybe this was never actually meant to be a riddle, but actually a call back to the game of “What Is My Thought Like?”

I look forward to playing this game with friends soon.

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