The Science of Secrecy: Introduction and Future of Cryptography

From the description:

Join Imperial’s Institute for Security Science and Technology for an informative presentation on codes, ciphers and computers. Professor Richard Aldrich, Dr Martin Knight, Professor Sir Peter Knight and Dr Simon Singh take you on a tour of cryptography through the ages. From its beginnings in pen and paper to its future in quantum computing.

Professor David Edgerton, Hans Rausing Chair in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at Imperial College London, will chair the panel:

The beginnings of cryptography – Dr Simon Singh, science writer, journalist, TV producer, Imperial alumnus and author of ‘The code book’

Bletchley Park and the greatest secret in WWII – Dr Martin Knight, Chairman of Imperial Innovations and former Chief Operating Officer at Imperial College London

Intelligence gathering in the Cold War – Professor Richard Aldrich, Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick and author of ‘GCHQ: the uncensored story of Britain’s most secret intelligence agency’

Quantum cryptography – Professor Sir Peter Knight FRS, President elect of the Institute of Physics, Principal of the Kavli Royal Society International Centre and Senior Research Investigator at Imperial College London