Yelp Locksmiths Greatest Hits

After a The Mayor of oakland appologized publicaly for promoting a lockpicking class in her newsletter, I would encourage everyone to remember one of the many legit uses of the skill…. What follows are yelp reviews of locksmiths

1. “These mother fuckers should burn in hell. Quit scamming people. You’d make more money actually being nice honest and helping more people that like your business instead of charging a shit load for 1 customer and losing 27490291.

2. “…The guy shows up in literally 10 minutes, pops open the door in about 30 seconds and then charges me $100 for the “labor” because opening a door is a $100 charge. WTF… Such bullshit. Two stars for him being super speedy though.”

3. “Since my cat was inside crying and needing to be fed- I told him I would pay $200 for him to unlock it or I was going to call someone else. He ended up drilling the lock out and then wanting to charge another $190 to replace it. Preying on desperate people in bad situations.”

4. “When he got here he said it would be 29 dollars service fee and 100 to pick the lock, he spent exactly 30 seconds trying to pick the lock, said it was unpickable and went to his car to get a drill and another lock to replace it. Took him may be 15 minutes to drill and replace the lock then he handed me a bill for 258 dollars. I said how could something that jtook under 30 minutes with very little effort cost so much. He didn’t care, just took my credit card and charged it.”

5. IF I COULD GIVE THEM NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD NOT HESITATE! This is my first review and I actually made a yelp account just to save anyone from falling into their scam they call a business.

6. They call themselves locksmiths, but that is a joke. They completely busted our font door lock (to the point that the handle was hanging loosely off the door and no long worked to keep the door closed), then proceeded to charge (and demand!) $150 for the “service.” I could have gotten in a lot quicker and cheaper by borrowing a neighbor’s hammer!

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