The Science of Secrecy: Introduction and Future of Cryptography

From the description: Join Imperial’s Institute for Security Science and Technology for an informative presentation on codes, ciphers and computers. Professor Richard Aldrich, Dr Martin Knight, Professor Sir Peter Knight and Dr Simon Singh take you on a tour of cryptography through the ages. From its beginnings in pen and paper to its future in … [Read more…]

Differential Backups in Windows with 7zip

So recently I wanted a way to backup a specific folder to a compressed archive. I also wanted to be able to continue to backup only the files that have been changed or added to that directory. Looks like the 7Zip Command Line Tool is just what I needed. Step 1: Create the archive. It’s … [Read more…]

Communicating in E-Prime

The way we talk can have profound affects on the way we see the world and, in turn, the way the world sees and interacts with us. One of the easiest ways of eliminating poor, irrational, upsetting, and alienating communication (ie. to increase your general likability) is to stop stating opinions as facts. I recently … [Read more…]

Tweeting From The Shell The Easy Way

There are many reasons you might want to tweet from the shell. Mine is that I want to be able to send one-liners in to evernote directly from terminal. I looked it up and found that since Twitter has updated to using Oauth for their API this has become much more diffucult. But there is … [Read more…]

Bash Script to Generate Passwords

Hey just a quick tip.  I created a small script for generating passwords using The syntax is: getpass Gets a good password from getpass simple Gets a simple password from Here is the code: #/bin/bash if [ “$1” == “simple” ]; then wget -q -O – else wget -q -O – … [Read more…]

Small World Experiment

We know it today as “six degrees of separation”, but did you know that number is actually loosely based on the results of an actual experiment? In the 1960s Stanly Milgram (you know Stanly Milgram he’s the one that tricked subjects in to thinking they were torturing people for science) set out the answer the … [Read more…]

The Social Graph (Fun and Profit) Part 1: Facebook Token

I’ve been experimenting with Facebook API. First step in using it is to get a token. This requires some user interaction. I started with code from Mining The Social Web. You can download the login script here: I made one modification. I’m using Python for Cygwin so the webbrowser class doesn’t really work. Instead … [Read more…]

Javascript Fun

I was thinking of not posting this because it looks and works a lot like those stupid “see who views your FB profile” worms, but if you know javascript you can tell that it’s not doing anything malicious, just fun 😉 Paste this in to the address bar: javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; … [Read more…]